Exterior Painting For Your Home

When changing the exterior of your house, it is necessary that you use suitable paints so that they last the enormous amount of time and that they are of a quality to avoid carrying out this procedure several times a year. There are many factors that are ignored by the owners; we suggest you consider repairing the walls that have moisture, remove old paint, protect doors and windows, as well as plants and other items that may be affected by the color. Also, you should consider the type of paint you are going to use because if the weather in your region is very changeable and you have several seasons, it is likely that the paint will fall or be damaged. Remember that the outside of the house is our cover letter, think very well about the color you will use for your facade, Sometimes it can be a difficult decision to make, so you have to consider what you want to achieve with this activity.The following are the steps to take for exterior painting of your house:

1. Apply primer layer on the surface (depending on the paint to be used and the materials that have the facade you must use a different type of printing, consult the paint shops, which is the right one.) 
2. Mix very well all the paint to use, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, likewise, remember that the mixture must be repeated every so often 
3. Check if the primer is completely dry 
4. Choose with which tool you want to paint, most of the paints can be used with a brush, roller or air gun, depending on the area to be painted, you must choose the tool as follows : 
Brush: for small details and lines of separation between one color and another. 
Brush: Ideal for small areas, doors, bars, windows and certain surfaces with inlets and outlets. 
Roller: The use of the roller is recommended to cover areas a little more substantial, which will save time. 
Air pistol to paint with compressor, its use in painting, manages to make the work very fast, if you do not have much experience with its use, rehearse previously. It is recommended to paint more significant areas of the same color. 
4. Begin to wash the exterior part that is, from the edges to the center, everything that is of the same color, that is, the predominant color. 
5. Paint with a brush: use a suitable brush for the paint and the surface. To paint you should only dip the first third of the bristles into the paint and soak that third, then bring it closer to the edge of the jar to release the excess paint. Apply the color with strokes long and uniform. Apply the indicated layers, depending on the type of paint and surface, let dry between one coat and another. 
6. Paint with a roller: The roller is recommended to paint very flat surfaces. To use it, you should empty a little paint on the roller tray, allow the roller to soak in color and then roll it on the plate. To remove the excess paint, if it drips when lifting it off the tray is that it has too much color, slide the roller on the surface with long and even strokes, also in different directions to give more coverage, at the end just five strokes in the same direction to provide uniformity. 
7. Use a brush very delicately when the surfaces are delimiting and finishing. 
8. Paint the doors, windows, and frames finally, if they can be removed to paint better, and reinstall once they are dry. 
9.Remove the masking tape soon, before it finishes drying the paint, so as not to bring some rest of the new color.

Recommendations: Always wait between one layer and another to dry. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions according to a brand, some paints like acrylic-based, only need two coats and little time to dry, but those based on oil, They take a long time to dry and can form bubbles if they get too hot during the drying process.

These are the necessary steps to paint the exterior of your house, following them, you can probably enjoy your work, saving a little money with it.